Thursday, July 15, 2010

Campari Orange Sorbet

On the advice of the ever fabulous Rebecca, and to celebrate both summer and my love of Campari, I made Jaime Oliver's Campari and Grapefruit Sorbet. Let this be a lesson to me that sorbet does not really require a recipe, just a liquid sweet enough for your liking. Anyway. I couldn't find grapefruit juice at my local neighborhood deli, plus I think people  non-Campari-lovers (like the Chief Taste Tester) will like this a little better if it's slightly sweeter. So I used orange juice.

I'm freezing it up right now in anticipation of another weekend full of fun, friends, and ice cream. Meanwhile I'm drinking Campari & (homemade) soda. And I don't think I'll wait until Saturday to try this.


  1. I like your blog name and look forward to following along and hopefully following your lead on these tasty homemade ice creams. Dying to know how the Campari Orange Sorbet turned out!!
    - from someone you might know as "zela" :-)

  2. I love campari in sorbet - both grapefruit and orange!