Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lessons from the first few weeks of ice cream making

The Chief Taste Tester has spoken, and declared that I have made ice creams with "a good flavor, but too icy." I think it's a 3 part problem: a) too much air whipped in during the freezing in the ice cream maker b) a container that's too large leaving a lot of air in it (which will be solved by putting a piece of plastic wrap down over the top of the next batch) and c) not enough milk fat in the mix. In her words, "Ice cream is not diet food." Well, no, but that doesn't mean I have to use only heavy cream, right? In any case, next up is maple bacon, which I may just go all the way on.

Coming back a little later to add: trawling around the internet tonight I stumbled upon The Ice Cream Geek, who sounds like my kind of guy, and who has delved into the technicalities of why my ice cream is too icy. And I'm right. ;)

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