Sunday, July 11, 2010

Salted Caramel

The third flavor I made during this weekend's ice-cream making binge was a salted caramel. And oh my god, was it good. It probably helped that I upped the proportion of cream - I followed the recipe except using half-and-half where it called for heavy cream, and 2% milk where it called for half-and-half. And those 6 egg yolks, yeah, that helped too. I used sea salt instead of kosher salt, and the Chief Taste Tester said it was a little too salty. I never met a salt I didn't like, so I have no complaints, but I'll drop it down a little next time (I'm sure that would make my doctor happy).

I should have made the custard on Friday, but I was out of containers, and it wasn't until Saturday that I finally decided to buy some more, so I let it cool for about 3 hours before putting it in the machine. I froze it for a few hours, but to be honest it didn't set long enough and was a little soft. The gang thought it was good, but I would have liked to put scoops on cones without dripping on the table.

I served this at the end of a barbecue, after the need-refinement green chili mint and peppercorn cherry I also made as part of the binge, on cones. I was a little worried that people would feel like they'd already had too much, and not eat it, but we had no problems finishing a quart between the 8 of us.

Next time I'm also thinking about making some extra caramel sauce and putting it in to make caramel swirl. And I can't wait.


  1. Kosher salt is, in general, depending on brand, only 1/2 as salty as finer-grained stuff, which might explain your results (taste and texture-wise). Also I am confused by your substitutions; they read to me like increasing the milk proportion, but then again my brain is entirely fried after that World Cup final, so I'm probably just reading it wrong. Oof.

  2. It's the same amount of milk/cream stuff, just sort of downgrading the fat content of the chosen dairy product. So 2 cups of half-and-half and 1 cup of 2% milk. And yeah, it's my experience that sea salt is saltier than kosher salt, so I really should have known better, but like I said, I loves me some salt. The texture I'm pretty well convinced is time-based, though, it was definitely solidifying.

    What a heartbreaker for NED today. Hope you guys had fun - we had hoped to come but the Chief Taste Tester was finishing up her work.